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5 Money Lessons Dads Teach Us for Father's Day

Looking back, dad sure did have a lot to teach us when we were growing up, didn’t he? Whether it was how to properly dress for a job interview or how to drive a stick shift, dad was the one to show us how it’s done. As the old saying goes, "Father knows best."

Top Money Tips from Dad

But one lesson he would teach in particular was the importance of money and how to use it. If you follow dear old dad’s advice, you probably rarely need to reach out for a payday loan to deal with a financial emergency.

This Father’s Day, take a look at some of the financial lessons our dads have shared with us to prepare us for the real world:

1. Support Yourself

Learning to support yourself was perhaps the first rule dad taught us as we entered the workforce. We learned that working for our own money and being able to pay our own bills gave us new freedoms to do the things we enjoy without having to ask permission.

Getting that first job and opening a bank account of our own was the first step in putting dad’s lessons about money into practice.

2. Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

An important truth that most dads instill in their children is the simple fact that money doesn’t buy happiness. This lesson would resonate with us as we sought out jobs that we enjoyed and found fulfillment in, not what paid the most.

Being thankful for what we have rather than constantly chasing after more money is a dad-lesson that leads to a lifetime of happiness.

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3. You Get What You Give

“When it comes to giving and receiving, giving is better.” These words from dad taught us how to care for those less fortunate than us and how good it feels to give back.

Because of what dad taught us, we look at donating money as an opportunity to contribute rather than a moral burden or obligation. It's bound to come back to you, one way or another!

4. Material Things Aren’t Forever

No matter how important it was for us to have the latest gadget or the most stylish clothes, dad would soberly remind us that whatever it is we were so obsessed with, it doesn’t last forever. Looking back, this simple lesson probably saved us a lot of money over the years.

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5. You Can Always Learn Something New

“Knowledge is power, because the more you know, the more you can accomplish.” Dad’s words could never ring truer. He would teach us to treat each new day as an opportunity to learn something we didn’t know yesterday, especially when it came to money.

Whether it came from a blog on the internet or talking with a friend at work, we’d go out of our way to learn something new that would improve our lives.

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Father's Day Financial Tips

This Father’s Day, show dad that you remember all the valuable life lessons he taught you by passing them on to your children. Nothing could make your dad more proud than to know that you truly benefitted from his lessons and that his knowledge will be passed down to future generations to come.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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