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5 Money Lessons for Mom on Mother's Day

“Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Many of us heard this over and over again while growing up, and after years of hearing it from mom, it’s hard not to pick up some of her sayings. If you’ve never needed to reach out for a payday loan before, you probably have mom to thank.

Money Tips from Mom

This Mother’s Day, give your mom the greatest gift by showing her that you remember all the things she taught you about money. Here are 5 money lessons our moms probably taught us years ago and hopefully still stick with us today:

1. Live Within Your Means

Mom knows best and all those nights of staying in rather than going out to eat weren't for nothing. Mom was showing us how to live within our means.

When you go out, you spend money. It’s that simple. That’s why more often than not, mom would stay in and keep the family well-fed and entertained at home.

2. Earn Your Own Money

At some point in life, your mother probably taught you a thing or two about earning your own cash. Maybe you were given some chores to do around the house and you have rewarded a small allowance for your hard work. This is a classic example of mom teaching her kids that money isn’t just given to you. You have to earn it.

money lessons for moms

3. Stretch Out Your Cash

Making your cash last directly relates to living within your means. It’s a basic principle of only spending money on what you need, nothing extra.

When mom had money to spend, she wouldn’t go on a shopping spree. She’d take out just enough to cover the basics and save the rest. Maybe we didn’t understand her reasoning when we were young, but now that we’re grown up, it makes perfect sense.

4. Stop Complaining and Start Earning

Remember when we wanted something from mom and she would frankly reply back with, “Are you going to pay for it?” or “You want new stuff? Get a job!” Maybe we thought she was being unreasonable at the time, but looking back, we probably would’ve told ourselves the exact same thing.

5. Be Grateful for What You Have

Above all else, mom taught us to be grateful. Being thankful for what you have is one of the keys to achieving any financial success. People who struggle with irresponsible spending are usually the ones who lack the gratitude to appreciate what they already have. If we can take away one lesson from mom that would have the biggest impact on our lives, it would be that of gratitude.

money lessons this Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, show mom that you remember the lessons she taught you by showing her a good time without all the spending. Do something nice for her that won’t cost you half your paycheck and she’ll be even more grateful for knowing that the lessons she taught you growing up stayed with you.


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