Title Loan Amounts - $2,501 - $15,000

Payday Loan Amounts $100 - $255

Signature Installment Loan Amounts - $2,600


Signature Installment Loans

What is a Signature Installment Loan?

A signature installment loan is a short-term loan that’s quick and easy to be approved for. With a signature installment loan, you could put an extra $2,600 in your pockets and have 24 months to pay it back. The approval process is quick and seamless. All you need for approval is your driver’s license (or a valid state photo I.D.), a statement from an active checking account (in your name) and a proof of income (your most recent pay stub).  RPM Lenders will require a credit check as part of the approval process. There’s no collateral needed and you could be approved in as little as 30 minutes.

How Do I Get a Signature Installment Loan in California?

It’s easy to get started. Simply fill out our online request form found on this page and you’ll soon be contacted by one of our representatives. When you’re ready, come visit an RPM Lenders store near you to complete the signature installment loan approval process. All you need to complete the process are the following items: 

  • Your driver’s license (or a valid state I.D.)
  • A checking account statement that’s open in your name
  • Proof of Income (your most recent pay stub)

Getting Approved for a Signature Installment Loan


Our promise is to offer you warm customer service that will make you feel comfortable and at-ease during the approval process. Our in-store staff will take the time to answer any questions you may have regarding signature installment loans and how they work. The process may take as little as 30 minutes and you could walk away with $2,600 in same-day cash. Our job is to make sure you have a full understanding of how signature installment loans work so you can decide if you should use them to your benefit.

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When you’re ready to get the emergency cash you need without all the hassles of a traditional loan, RPM Lenders has you covered. It doesn’t matter what has left you in need of cash, because with a car title loan you could get up to $2,501 - $15,000 today.

You will be on your way to our store in no time since the call only takes a few minutes. All you need is the following items:

  • Driver’s License or State Issued I.D.
  • Lien-Free Title to Your Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle for Inspection

We also welcome all credit, so fill out our online request form and get started now!

All you have to do to start the process right now is submit our online request form on this page and one of our friendly store associates will call you right back.